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Wet Gas Meter Characteristics

Wet Gas Meter Characteristics

 This meter is of the volumetric positive displacement type, using a chamber (drum) sealed with liquid (water or oil). As such, almost all types of gas can be measured without influence from relative density, viscosity, etc. Since the structure has no leakage, it can measure minute flow rates and has high reproducibility.

W-NK type for experimentation/environmental measurement

 Both measurement drum and case is made of stainless steel as standard; therefore, it has high durability and resistance to corrosion.

W-NK type for experiment/environmental measurement MOVIE W-NK parts list Products Catalogue

W-NT type for large flow rate

 This model has been continually improved for a long time; as such, it has stable performance and high durability.

W-NT type for a large quantity flow rate MOVIE Products Catalogue

W-NH type for high pressure gas measurement

 The case is designed for capacity to endure high pressure. It is airtight and has excellent pressure-resistance.

W-NH type for high pressure gas measurement (as wet type) Products Catalogue

WS type for experimentation/minute flow rate measurement

 This model uses an over-flow system to provide easy, semi-automatic adjustment of the liquid level. The use of synthetic materials means that this is a compact, light-weight and easily portable meter.

WS for experience/minute flow rate measurement MOVIE Products Catalogue

Calibration wet gas meter

 -ST type gas meter (calibration gas meter) is an alternative to the Reference Standard gas meter. This meter does not fulfill the criteria for Reference Standard meters as set out in the Japanese Measurement Law, but is calibrated to equal the Reference Standard meter of Shinagawa Corporation. This gas meter can be used to calibrate gas meters in-house, and can be used in Japan without a specified manufacturing license.

Calibration wet Gas Meter for OIML Qmin flow rate Products Catalogue

Reference Standard wet gas meter

 -S type gas meter is a Reference Standard gas meter certified by the Japanese government as conforming to the Japanese Measurement Law. A specified manufacturer license is required to use this in Japan, but such a license is not necessary for overseas use. If used as a Reference Standard meter outside Japan, please ensure that local standards are compatible with Japanese standards, or have the meter certified by local authorities.

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Packing size

 Specification for the boxes used in shipping of W-NK type gas meter. For other models, please contact us for specifications.

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