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Questions regarding maintenance (repair/calibration)

How long does it take?

Once we receive the meter, it generally takes one week for calibration and two weeks for repairs.
If you are in a hurry, please contact our sales department and we will try to accomodate you.

I have been measuring radioactive gas which does not affect the human body. Can I have the meter calibrated?

Presently, we perform radiation measurement upon receiving the meter.
Depending on the radiation level, your request may be refused. (We judge according to the Japanese standards.)

I purchased through a dealer. Should maintenance
(calibration/repair) also be handled through the dealer?

Please contact the dealer first. In some cases, you will have to deal directly with us.
You can send the products directly to us.

Upon return of the calibrated products, there was no report. Where is it?

For repairs, we have attached a specification of repairs done and parts replaced.
If only calibration was done, there is no work report, only an overview of the inspection results.

Can you tell me the pre-adjustment data (i.e. from when you receive the product)?

We will provide this data if calibration shows that adjustment is necessary.
If neither repair nor adjustment is done, we will only provide this data if you request it beforehand. (A charge will be incurred.)

Is it possible for me to see the calibration site? Could you come here for the calibration?

Our company organizes tours from time to time. Please contact our sales department.
Due to difficulties with maintaining the necessary calibration conditions, we cannot come to you for the calibrations.

Can I choose the calibration flow rate points?

Each product has specific calibration points measured before shipping. The test will have to compare to these points.
Additional points can be included, so long as they fall within the measuring range. (This will incur an additional charge.)

Why did I receive several quotes for a single maintenance item?

Please see the flow of calibration/repair.
While we strive to provide an accurate quotation beforehand, factors discovered once we receive the meter (e.g. what repairs and parts replacements are necessary) can necessitate a change in price. If so, we will issue you a revised quotation.

I only use the meter once per year, but I was told it needs adjustment.

Adjustment is not necessarily connected to a problem with the meter. Acclimatisation to the measurement conditions can lead to changes in the meters characteristics. The meter should then be adjusted to accommodate these changes.